A Domain-Driven Design sample I created some time ago, DDDSample.Net, is now a little bit rusty. I though it is a good idea to spend some time and make it up to date. It will involve, for sure, moving the project to github because you all know what I thing about TFS version control.

Currently there are 4 major versions of DDDSample solution

  • Vanilla (‘by the book’)
  • CQRS with two relational databases
  • CQRS with event sourcing
  • Layered model

I am thinking about dropping the second one as it was more like an experiment, not a final solution. The layered model is an advanced version of vanilla solution witch demonstrates how to structure larger domain models. Another thing I might do is migrate the event sourcing sample to NCQRS. Or maybe I should use EventStore directly? What do you think?

Now the important part. I have some ideas what to implement next and I need your feedback. Help me rate them

  • Event driven SOA a’la Udi Dahan. This would be probably an extended version of layered model sample but with slightly different structuring approach (autonomous services instead of layers).
  • Vanilla with RavenDB as a data store
  • Native CQRS with event sourcing on RavenDB according to this description by Ayende.

If you have some other ideas, post them in the comments. I am also thinking about getting rid of the installer projects. It does not make sense to just install the application in IIS and don’t look at the code. And if you open it, you can run it by hitting F5.

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