CargoshipDDDSample.Net is a .NET implementation of Domain Driven Design (DDD) sample application based on Eric Evans’ examples included in his great book. Project is intended to be used in training, demonstration and experiments.

To see instructions on how to run the 0.6 version of the application click here. To read about DDD building blocks in context of DDDSample.NET, click here.

I will happily answer any of your questions on CodePlex forum. If you found a bug, please let me know.

Project goals

(inspired by original DDDSample‘s purpose)

  • Done: A how-to example for implementing a typical DDD application. Our sample is not going to show the way to do it, but a decent way. Our initial short-term goal is to keep de design as close to DDDSample as possible to make comarations between technologies more easy
  • Done: Lab mouse for controlled experiments. We will focus on different DDD patterns and their impact on shape of the solution. We hope to inspire the community to create forks and branches of the sample using different design approaches like Command Query Separation
  • Support discussion of implementation practices. Variations could show trade-offs of alternative approaches, helping the community to clarify and refine best practices for building DDD applications.
    Feel free to experiment with the code. If you have any ideas, questions or comments, feel free to contact me either using CodePlex project site or directly via email:

Documentation topics

(here is a mirror of documentation table of contents)

  1. Running the demo
  2. Versions and modes of DDDSample
  3. DDD building blocks in DDDSample.Net
    1. Alternative: CQRS
    2. Alternative: CQRS – Event Sourcing
  4. Patterns reference