Here is a list of all my published solutions (besides NetMX and DDDSample.NET).


WS-Man.NET is a .NET implementation of WS-Management protocol. Both source and binary packages can be download from CodePlex project site.


MetaContainer is a general purpose IoC container abstraction implemented by Piotr LeszczyƄski and I. MataContainer is an extension to CommonServiceLocator providing functionality of registering components and creating child/nested containers. If you are building a library and need IoC functionality (including container (re)configuration) MetaContainer is what you need to avoid dependency on concrete Dependency Injection framework.


PS4VS is a concept-proof plugin for PostSharp. It was created for version 1.0 of PostSharp, so now it is slightly outdated, but I believe it can be quickly ported to the most recent release. PS4VS lets you define your properties and fields in controls and pages as in normal objects and make them persistent in ViewState or ControlState by just decorating them with appropriate attribute.

This project is no longer maintained.


MCF is another PostSharp plugin. MCF is (I believe) first and only IoC container targeting .NET Micro Framework and TinyCLR. Because .NET Micro has no reflection support and runtime compiler services, whole container is defined in assembly during build process.

This project is no longer maintained.


WDAB, or WCF Distributed Application Block is a concept-proof framework to build service-oriented applications with service location transparency built on top of WCF.

This project is no longer maintained.